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$172,000.00 Award for Victim of Highway Van Crash

Connecticut Crime Victim Lawyer Tim O’Keefe has obtained an arbitration award in the amount of $172,000.00 for a woman who was injured in a highway van crash in Manchester, Connecticut.  “There was never a question about who caused this highway van crash- it was clearly the defendant van driver.  To his credit, he admitted causing the crash.  The defendant’s insurance carrier, however, refused to make any reasonable settlement offers for this claim.  Our client has suffered greatly from her injuries and we felt she should be fully and properly compensated for her harms and losses.  The highest settlement offer made on the claim was for $55,000.00.  We decided to turn that down and proceed to a contested arbitration.  The arbiter did a very good job in weighing all of the damages evidence and testimony in arriving at his decision.  In the end, we feel that justice has prevailed.”  Tim O’Keefe

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